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Engaging our employees is something that we all want to achieve if we are a good manager.  Engaged employees are more motivated to do their job correctly and can increase productivity within a team and generally improve morale across a whole department. 

Staff retention, absence management and succession planning for recruiting are all big challenges for any business but by engaging your employees you are more likely to be seen as a valued employer.

Our recruitment consultants have been busy visiting our clients to find out how they engage their employees and here is a few of our favourite strategies:

 Invest in Health and Wellbeing

Stress at work is becoming more and more prevalent with The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) publishing their latest report demonstrating cases of work related stress, depression or anxiety in 2017/18 was 595k with 15.4 million days lost.   

We love the idea of implementing your very own workplace wellbeing programme to demonstrate to your workforce that you take their health seriously.  By creating a programme which is specific to you it allows you to identify people who are struggling.  Read our step-by-step guide to implementing a Workplace Wellbeing Programme.

Celebrate Achievements

Whether you use standard schemes like ‘Employee of the Month’; ‘Long-Service Awards’ or the more varied ‘Random Act of Kindness’ where you recognise and reward a co-worker going out of their way for their colleague it all helps you keep the best talent around by recognising your employees as real people.  Team morale always gets a boost when cake arrives from the boss for a co-worker’s birthday.  Whatever, the method, we know what really inspires people is memorable experiences.

Communication, Communication, Communication

Communication should be a two-way path between employer and employee.  Induction Training is a great way to ensure new employees are aware of your company expectations, values and culture.  It is also important to give employees the chance to feedback on their experience within your business and where they would like to see changes made.  This helps both new and existing employees feel valued.

 Create a Positive Work Environment

If your place of work is uninspiring, lacks basic facilities and generally is unloved then why are your employees going to want to get out of bed in the morning?  The basics are simple:

  • Keep it clean and tidy
  • Ensure men and women have separate rest rooms
  • Provide water to keep your employees hydrated
  • Maintain a cool airflow and ventilation – too cold people will be unable to work productively and too hot is just uncomfortable for everyone

Some companies have really gone to town on creating a positive working environment.  Google is the most famous for this… from free coffee (all the time) to work sleep pods to recharge your batteries they obviously see the ‘power of positivity’ in bucket loads. Our research shows that adult patients are recommended to take 50 mg of Viagra within about an hour before the planned sexual contact with a partner. After some time, you can try to reduce this amount, if the desired effect is achieved. Gradually, you can reach 25 mg, which is considered the minimum dose of Sildenafil. There is more information on the site https://blog.jobmedic.co.uk/viagra-online.

For smaller businesses these are rather out of reach, but free fruit and a monthly team pub lunch are great perks that ensure employers win lots of brownie points!

Ensure Good Work-Life-Balance

As a working mum myself, to be able to watch my children in their school play or work from home when they are poorly is incredibly important to me.  But work-life-balance is so much more than that.  If employees feel under great amounts of pressure with their workload and deadlines, it will contribute to burnout, people looking externally for a new job or worse signed off work with stress.  Here at Noble Recruiting we ensure a good work-life-balance for our teams by adopting a few key strategies:

  • We never let the team take work home with them
  • There is flexibility when required
  • Remote working is available in an emergency
  • Individual needs of each one of the team are discussed regularly to make sure their personal situation has not changed.

 Development Opportunities

No matter what industry you are in, if you do not promote within, you will be running the risk of ruffling at least a few employees feathers every time you do not offer them the opportunity to progress.  Failing to accommodate any career progression by continually recruiting over them will only disengage and demotivate your team.

Having a professional development plan for each employee will manage their expectations and allow you to mould your team into the professionals you want.  Investing in training is key to this strategy and doesn’t need to be costly or time consuming and the sole reason we partnered with an online training provider to offer a full spectrum of online training to our clients and directly to our candidates at a heavily reduced rate.  We’ve identified 6 truths on why training is good for your business.


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