Great Employees don’t Complain

Let’s face it, your best people constantly impress you with their attitude, ability and impact they have on others around you.  You may even feel your working life is made easier because they are in it!

Until, 'out of the blue', they resign!

Most employees who have the right attitude and ability know their own worth.  So, if you are not looking after them then they won’t languish unhappy for long – they let their feet do the talking!

As a manager, it is your responsibility to keep the best people not only to assist you in doing your job effectively, but to move the whole business forward. 



Find out what floats their boat!  If you didn’t conduct their original interview with your employee or, haven’t bothered to ask them what motivates them to get up in the morning, then you are missing a massive trick.  Whether it is in a 1:1 or at the coffee machine this question won’t be out of place and you will know instantly if your colleague isn’t happy:

 “What enables you to bring your best self to work?” 


As a manager, you probably have a weekly or, at least bi-weekly meeting scheduled with your teams?  We know too often that these meetings can slip, whether it’s due to your workload or your employees, these hook-ups take a lower priority to generating sales, income and managing your own clients.  This is where it all starts to unravel.  If there isn’t a channel open to provide feedback how can you possibly know if they are unhappy. 


It’s surprising how many managers are shocked that their employee hasn’t mentioned they are unhappy at their appraisal.  An appraisal is often viewed by the employee as an environment to evaluate how they are doing in their job NOT how they feel.  Therefore, it is unlikely, especially if you are singing their praises, that they will then turn around and tell you they are unhappy!


Another colleague has mentioned to you that they think one of your best employees is not happy.  Fear or just lack of empathy means you do nothing.  Big mistake.  Set up a meeting, even if you think it could be your style of management which has left them unhappy.  By facing the issue head on; asking the right questions and engaging with your employee, you are giving both your employee and you, as their manager, the opportunity to create a plan together.  It’s not fool proof, but the odds are you have made the employee feel better.

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