Employers are finding it longer and longer to recruit and fill positions

Many employers are choosing to partner with Noble Recruiting because they are finding the time it takes to fill a position themselves is taking longer than ever before.

Typically, a permanent job placement for administrative or lower management would take around 10 weeks from initial advertising.  Now, however, small local businesses are seeing this average time increase to 12 – 15 weeks according to a recent report from a UK Wide Specialist Recruiting Agency.

Joanna Noble, Managing Director for Noble Recruiting says...

The reason for this increase in ‘time to fill’ is due to there being more jobs available to actual candidate seekers as the economic climate continues to strongly improve since the downturn in 2008.  Local businesses who are smaller and have less career opportunities are seeing a much higher turnover of staff as their employees have more options to move Company to improve their career prospects.  This means that local Companies need to streamline their recruitment processes and sell themselves to candidates in order to recruit the best talent.

Here we’ve looked at the top three factors that are affecting our local Clients and how Noble Recruiting has stepped in to help:

Experienced Candidates

The market is constantly flooded with 18 – 24-year olds who believe they are ‘job ready and possess all the skills, experience and education needed to advance in their desired career path’.  Employers, who are managing their own recruitment process, say that most entry-level job candidates lack the basic skills necessary to fill their open positions.  

Noble Recruiting hold competency-based interviews with every candidate both temporary and permanent, at our offices in Wickford.  At this point, we shortlist candidates for certain positions.  We only ever provide 3 shortlisted candidates for any new vacancy which have been selected because the Candidate ‘can do’ the job; ‘wants to do’ the job and their longer-term goals and personality fits with the culture and environment of the Client.

The result, the client spends less time sifting through CVs and interviewing.  In fact, they will only see 3 perfect candidates.  The candidate who they employ then has long-term aspirations of staying with them!

Fear of a Bad Hire

This is becoming more and more prominent as we see candidates leave within 3-month probationary period.  Sometimes it is just a bad fit however, often, we find that the client hasn’t been completely honest in the JD and during the interview process.

It costs time and money to recruit but more than that there are additional factors to consider when a hire goes wrong:

  • Disruption costs including missed business opportunities.
  • Compensation when things go wrong.
  • On the job training and any Learning & Development Courses.

Hiring the wrong person clearly costs employers time and money, so it’s no wonder businesses are wary of employing someone unsuitable for their role.

Noble Recruiting saves our clients both money and the disruption caused by hiring the wrong person.  Often the candidate feels more comfortable with our Recruiting Consultants who are trained to specifically trained to ask questions to promote discovery and insight.  These questions gently challenge assumptions in a constructive way allowing them to really understand the candidate.

Taking too long to hire

For candidates, the interview process is becoming more and more difficult as employers drag out the whole process to avoid hiring the wrong person.  High-quality candidates aren’t willing to wait 2 to 3 months and are turning to recruiting agencies to help them through this process.  In fact, we are seeing a much higher number of high-quality candidates register with Noble Recruiting than ever before as they just don’t trust the process of applying for a role direct with a Company anymore.

A recruiting agency will work on the candidate’s behalf to make sure they are kept informed throughout the interview process and the candidate knows, it is in the agencies favour to place them in a role, so it is a ‘win-win’ situation.

In fact, in the report, it was noted that up to 60% of applicants don’t receive any update about the interview process at all if they are applying directly to a Company.

Noble Recruiting work with our clients to make sure they are clear on what they want to assess in their interview process and who are the decision makers at the outset.  We find that if we create the Job Description with our client, it makes it much easier for us to match the perfect candidate.  This speeds the whole process up allowing us to place candidates on an average of a 3 week period.


The best way to reduce your recruiting time, take the pressure off your team and get access to the best high-quality candidates is to use an experienced Recruiting Agency.

Based in Wickford, Noble Recruiting are well-known in the area for our 360 approach to recruiting and have a wide range of different clients from Industrial and Manufacturing Companies to large Corporate and Financial Service businesses based across Essex.

If you would like some help filling your Vacancy using experienced and dedicated Specialist Recruiters who are champions of their Sector then get in touch with our Director,  David Noble today on 01268 762430.

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