Why use a Recruitment Agency to get your Dream Job

Like many other people, you may find the thought of searching for your next job opportunity overwhelming.  With so much information available to you, it’s almost impossible to know where to start! 

At Noble Recruiting, we believe that getting to know you first is crucial to you finding your dream job!  Our recruitment consultants are well networked, spend a large proportion of their day developing relationships with a range of reputable local brands and often have access to job opportunities that never even make the job boards. 

Not convinced?  Here are 10 more reasons for you to register with Noble Recruiting today:

  1. What have you got to lose?

Simple answer is nothing.  At Noble Recruiting we want to understand the underbelly of what both the Client AND the Candidate want and need to be successful in a full time position.  Communication at the interview stage with the RECRUITER is key.  Be honest, be forth coming and be clear of  your intentions.  You are in charge of your own destiny.  If you stretch the truth at this stage then it is likely you will be put forward for a role you either cannot do or don’t want to do long-term.

  1. Keep an eye on your field or industry

The recruiter will be seeing at least 20 more candidates with similar backgrounds to you each month.  So, if you specialise in IT and you don’t know the latest technology trend use your recruiter’s knowledge to your advantage.

  1. You won’t miss that opportunity

Taking time to go through an interview with a recruiter allows them to not only match your skills but also match your personality and any unusual requirements to the right Client.  It is especially important if you want a role where salary isn’t your only sticking point.  Maybe you need a flexible role that allows you to pop home and walk the dog at lunch or condense a 5 day job into a 4 day working week to manage childcare.

  1. They are your own personal champion

Your recruiter will help you take a much closer look at what makes you brilliant and identify unique skills that you may not even see as out of the ordinary.  They will polish up your CV to ensure it is crammed full of relevant and timely facts that showcase your abilities.

  1. Create a picture of you that tells a story

You find your dream role on a popular job board, you submit your CV and covering letter and then wait.  Most of the time, that job board has an algorithm that has stopped your CV from even getting seen by a real person especially if you haven’t added any ‘keywords’ relevant to the role you have applied for.  At Noble Recruiting we won’t even put a candidate forward for a temporary role if we haven’t met them first.  It may seem laborious having to be interviewed by a middle man but in reality, they will quickly establish your core strengths and you are then no longer relying on two sides of paper to get an interview.          

  1. Negotiations can be tough with a new employer

How comfortable are you at negotiating the right rate of pay for a new job? We see so many candidates that are in a job where they had to compromise on pay or benefits at interview stage to secure the role.  At Noble Recruiting we do all the negotiating for you so you start your new job with the package you want because we have already showcased your skills to the Client before you interview.

  1. How valuable are you?

The job boards make it very easy for you to apply for thousands of jobs daily but how does that validate your worth?  It potentially makes you look like you don’t really know what you want and devalues your actual skills in the process and an employer may red flag you altogether.  Using an agency allows the recruiter to only select roles which you are likely to interview well for and remember, employers are paying for this service so are more likely to invest in the role you are being put forward for, as you become a valuable invested asset to their business.

  1. Keep your job search confidential

The quickest way to let your employer know you are unhappy is to upload your CV to a job board.  It’s not a crime but your current employer might not be happy about it.  When you work with a recruiter, your information is handled confidentially, and you have much more control over who is viewing your CV.

  1. No such thing as job security

Do you know 2 people who you could call if you lost your job tomorrow – probably not!  Having an established relationship with a recruiter can help jump start your search.

  1. It’s a no brainer

You probably spend more hours working, commuting or thinking about work than you do anything else.  You have probably spent a significant amount of energy and time improving your skills set and negotiating your way up the ladder.  You owe it to yourself to make sure that what you do reflects the effort you have put in.  Having another person who is literally putting the same amount of effort in to your career, providing advice and coaching, ensuring you are always moving in the right direction can only be an asset!


Noble Recruiting are based in Wickford, Essex and have been matching candidates with clients for over 10 years.  Specifically, our team of experienced Recruitment Consultants fill permanent and temporary placements in Accounting & Finance; Commercial & Office; Industrial; Sales & Marketing; Construction and IT.

Looking for a new Job? Use our Online Job Search to start the process and then let us know you are actively looking.  We will then conduct a face to face interview to establish what your key strengths are and how we can match your needs and skills with the right job.  Remember, we don’t just supply CVs to clients we match people!

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