What to ask the Interviewer

When it comes to giving a winning job interview, there are usually around 10 standard interview questions which we would expect you’ve already got covered – after all most employers follow a similar Interview Technique.  However, while you can always practice competency-based interview questions and prepare for the big day, when it comes to the ‘do you have any questions’ part, it can be tough.  To stand-out from the crowd, look professional, confident and demonstrate your great communicating and listening skills we have got you covered!  We asked our team of Recruitment Consultants the perfect question you could ask your interviewer at the end of the interview:-

Amanda’s Question is… Are there any concerns about my previous experience that I can address now?
Amanda says: “This is the perfect opportunity to ‘fix’ any areas that you perhaps didn’t convey positively at the beginning of the interview due to inevitable interview nerves.” 

By asking whether the interviewer has any specific concerns about your experience, skills or performance you are not leaving it by chance.  Be warned though, this is not the time to be forceful or protective.  It is the perfect moment to demonstrate your great communicating skills for how you may deal with a difficult colleague or customer.  For example, if they say:

“You seem over qualified for this job.”

We would recommend you respond with how your skills and experience will allow you to bed into the role much quicker than somebody that they would need to train.  Also, at this point reinforce why you want the role.  The interviewer will be specifically looking at how you negotiate your answer making sure you include a benefit.

Joanna’s Question is… What do you like best about working for this business?

Joanna says:  “It is so important to relate to your interviewer.  The reason for this is that they may be your future boss, or an influential person within the Company even the Managing Director.  Remember, they are still a person and if you have to come into contact with them every single working day, it is important to establish what they like about working within the Company you’re interviewing for.”

Not only will it provide an insight on the culture of the business, it will also help you make a connection with this person!

Phoebe’s Question is… Are there any clear challenges the Company is facing at the moment?

Phoebe says:  “Any job interview should be as much about the Company finding out about you as you finding out about the Company.  Maybe, during your research prior to the interview, you have uncovered some negative press or seen that annual profits have dropped slightly.”

This question gives you the opportunity to flush out any major problems and determine whether you want to work there.  For more information from our Recruitment Consultants on the best way to win at the all important interview, give us a call and book in a face to face chat and get your new career sorted for 2019!

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