Six Reasons you should have a LinkedIn Profile

If you own a smart phone it is likely that you spend around 3 hours a day on social networking sites.  However, how many of you have invested that time in building a credible LinkedIn profile?

Before you throw yourself into a new job search, there are a few things to consider.  Firstly, your online profile.  As soon as you start applying for jobs, you are essentially asking potential employers and recruitment consultants who can match you to the perfect role – to come and find you!  The first place and easiest place for them to look is online!

With this in mind, we decided to put together a few top tips to make sure your LinkedIn page shows off your best skills.

  1. Make sure your profile head-shot is professional and your headline and summary is current

Pretty obvious right?  But how many people on your LinkedIn do you see who have used their personal pictures on their LinkedIn which isn’t always relevant to an employer.  The first thing potential employers or recruitment consultants will read about when they view your page is your headline and summary.  If your headline and summary is out dated or doesn’t clearly articulate the kind of job you are open to then you are risking losing out to the perfect role!

  1. Let Recruiters know you are open

Visit your dashboard and make sure you have turned on Career Interests to on!  You can also choose the types of opportunities you’d like to be connected with.

  1. Create a custom URL

Creating a custom URL is a great idea as it allows yourself and others to share your profile easily, it also looks tidier.  Add it to your email signature and other social profiles as it gives off the impression that you’re a savvy LinkedIn user with access to a network of opportunities. 

  1. Target job description keywords and use them in your profile

Optimising LinkedIn is now one of the easiest ways hiring managers and recruitment consultants can find you and opens you up to more job opportunities.  To optimise your profile, you just need to fill your profile with relevant keywords from a job description that matches the role you would like to do.

  1. Ensure your skills and endorsements are relevant and up to date

Endorsements are a great way to highlight your credibility, acting almost like live references.  This tool from LinkedIn is genius and helps employers get a real feel for your ability and value you will add to their business.  Many people still feel uncomfortable talking themselves up too much as fear of coming across as overly confident.  An endorsement will solve that problem just don’t be afraid to ask former colleagues to take 5 minutes out of their day to endorse you.  Giving out endorsements is also a great way to get them in return.

  1. Showcase your personal interests and hobbies

Sometimes people shy away from putting their personal interests and hobbies on LinkedIn, but if it doesn’t overshadow your professional achievements, then there’s no real reason you shouldn’t be doing this. Demonstrating a healthy interest in projects outside of work showcases you as a well-rounded candidate.  It’s never a bad thing to show off your personality, if anything it makes you more appealing. As our research shows, the main role in the process of erection is assigned to the blocking of the enzyme phosphodiesterase type 5, carried out by tadalafil, which is in Cialis. This guarantees relaxation of smooth muscle cells, giving them volume and ensuring blood flow. In addition, blood fills the sexual organ, which contributes to the appearance of an erection. There is more information on the site

If you need some further advice on how to maximise your LinkedIn Profile or would like some more help on how to conduct the perfect interview, then our team of experienced Recruitment Consultants can help you step up your career search.  Our consultative service gives you access to a dedicated Recruitment Consultant who will specialise in your given field whether it is IT & Digital, Industrial, Construction, Sales & Marketing, Accountancy & Finance, or Commercial & Office we have an expert dedicated to matching candidates like you to our broad range of Clients based across Essex.


Noble Recruiting are based in Wickford, Essex and have been matching candidates with clients for over 10 years.  Specifically, our team of experienced Recruitment Consultants fill permanent and temporary placements in Accounting & Finance; Commercial & Office; Industrial; Sales & Marketing; Construction and IT.

Looking for a new Job? Use our Online Job Search to start the process and then let us know you are actively looking.  We will then conduct a face to face interview to establish what your key strengths are and how we can match your needs and skills with the right job even if it is on a temporary basis.  Remember, we don’t just supply CVs to clients we hand hold candidates through the complicated process of finding work across Essex!

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