New Year New Career

As we move into the New Year, we often take stock of our achievements and focus on our next set of challenges and opportunities.  With this in mind, it is hardly surprising that one of the most common New Year resolutions is to get a new job! 

Often this new wave of motivation, reflection and desire to mix things up means you have reached your full potential in your existing role and want to try and add some new tools to your skill set!

It’s important to consider exactly what your pain points are within your current role and what are the things you aren’t willing to compromise on.  It may seem like there is only one direction your career can go, only a small set of titles and limited salary applies to you, but many skills are transferable.

Our Top Tips for successful career planning in 2019


The first steps to achieving a happy work-life balance is to understand exactly what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning.  When we meet any new candidate, this is the first question we ask.  Often the answer we get back is money without any hesitation – every person needs to earn money right?  When our consultants dig a little deeper though it is often other things which are equally important to the candidate.  For example, to go home to let the dog out during their lunch-time or for the employer to be flexible so they never miss a school play.

When priorities at home change, often your priorities at work are affected.  Self-reflection allows you to manage your wider career plan to include your home life and create a plan that suits your goals and your lifestyle.


Self-reflection will only take you so far.  Now you need to write down your goals for the year focusing on identifying what kind of career you want.  To help you do this, we suggest you use the SMART process: –






This will allow you to visualise where you want to be and enable a recruitment consultant match your goals with every new job opportunity that arises. 

Candidate Spotlight

A candidate recently joined a local Company on a temporary Christmas contract.  When working through her goals we established that her choice to be temporary was only based on her fear of not being in a flexible position to meet the needs of her family, but what she really wanted was a part-time permanent role in school hours.   The client was really pleased with our candidate and was happy to mould the role around this.  The candidate is now happy in a job where she works part-time during school hours which doesn’t have any impact on her family-life balance!


Documenting past accomplishments are a crucial part of the self-reflection process.  It is very easy to forget your achievements or undersell yourself when it comes to the next milestone in your career plan.  Cataloguing examples of good work throughout the year for example when you have been singled out in a staff-wide email or you have helped a co-worker with a big project are important ways to communicate your competencies.

We suggest you use a one line a day journal to write about your work day achievements using these four questions it can help you track changes to how you deal with difficult situations that arise:

  1. What challenges have you had to resolve today?
  2. What obstacles did you have to overcome to resolve it?
  3. What steps did you take?
  4. What happened as the result of your actions?

These questions will help you ascertain how your overall competencies are changing and how you can then look beyond your current job title for transferable skills that you may have that you can build on for the future.  Don’t underestimate the breadth and depth of your abilities.


It is incredibly important to take time to invest in yourself.  Learning or adding to your own skill set automatically widens your network of opportunities and empowers you to create your desired work-life balance.

Keeping up to date with regular training and expanding your knowledge could be the make or break for an employer choosing you over another candidate when applying for a new job as it demonstrates you are open to learning new skills.

We have teamed with New Skills Academy to offer our candidates a wide range of heavily discounted online courses starting from just £36.  Each course is designed to be conducted online and is split into modules allowing you to go at your own pace.


It is still the most important foundation of any successful job search.  It’s often the first impression both recruiters and companies have of you.  Make sure it is top-notch by following this checklist:

  1. Make sure you job history is updated and correct.
  2. Be consistent. If you have followed a style, then ensure this if followed through the whole document.
  3. If you are sending your CV to a specific job application where you have already had sight of the job description, then you should incorporate some of these words into your CV.  Many companies will use a search function to filter through a CV for ideal candidates.
  4. Please do check for any spelling mistakes. It really will make any recruiter or potential employer think you are not serious about finding a new role.
  5. Proof read it. If you have time, get someone else to proof your CV.  Having a fresh pair of eyes read through the entire document will hopefully eliminate any errors.


During the run up to Christmas, there is a distinct lack of job applicants so take advantage of that and make sure you use your free time over Christmas productively:

  1. Register with a local recruitment agency. The Recruitment Industry does not shut down over Christmas so even on Christmas Eve, consultants will continue to search for the perfect role for you.
  2. Make your free time over Christmas productive. Use online training tools to improve your skills and gain new skills to widen your job opportunities.
  3. Complete your set of 2019 goals.
  4. Spend ½ hour a day reviewing online job boards.
  5. Keep in regular contact with your recruitment consultant.

Make sure the new year new career is driven only partly by the need for a higher wage.  Use this time to self-reflect; complete your outlined SMART goals and ensure you stay on track and you may just land your dream job for 2019.

This blog was written by Joanna Noble FIRP CertRP, Managing Director, Noble Recruiting.


Joanna is a founder of Noble Recruiting – an award-winning Recruitment Company based in Essex.  Jo has over 15 years’ experience as a permanent recruitment specialist.  Jo and her husband David, set up Noble Recruiting 10 years ago after becoming increasingly frustrated with the standard practice being used within the Recruitment Industry. 

Noble Recruiting was born out of the desire to radically change the way both candidates and clients were serviced.  The sole aim was to create an agency where a team of highly skilled recruitment consultants could hand hold each candidate from the start of their job search. 

The foundations are now set, and success is clear as the agency continues to attract new clients.  With high calibre candidates continuing to be matched to their perfect role!


Noble Recruiting are based in Wickford, Essex and have been matching candidates with clients for over 10 years.  Specifically, our team of experienced Recruitment Consultants fill permanent and temporary placements in Accounting & Finance; Commercial & Office; Industrial; Sales & Marketing; Construction and IT.

Looking for a new Job? Use our Online Job Search to start the process and then let us know you are actively looking.  We will then conduct a face to face interview to establish what your key strengths are and how we can match your needs and skills with the right job.  Remember, we don’t just supply CVs to clients we match people!

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