Let’s get motivated!

Let’s get motivated at work

Winter is in full swing.  The days are shorter, darker and colder but don’t dwell on those winter blues. 

Wake up everyday and say today is going to be a good day!

We’ve pulled together some more super helpful tips on how to remain positive; productive and happy in the office until spring brings us a natural ‘spring’!

Start your year over

Forget the usual New Year resolutions, out with the old and all that jazz.  You can restart your year at any time during January so don’t panic if you’ve already blown it so to speak!  We suggest you simplify your goals and just focus on one or two key challenges to keep you motivated at work.

A couple of work ideas from the team here at Noble Recruiting to keep you motivated are:

Idea 1


break up your day in sections

Using timed sections and write down your core achievable objectives of each section and stick to them. For example you could split your day like this:
9 am to 11 am Planning
2 pm to 4 pm Sales
4 pm to 5 pm Admin and tomorrow task list!

Idea 2


keep hydrated

Did you know that dehydration has a real impact on your concentration even in the wintertime? If you can’t face drinking loads of cold water, switch to herbal tea to give you a double boost!

get physical

Use your lunch time or break during the day, when it is light, to move your body! 

Regular exercise before, after or during work, especially outdoors is proven to alleviate stress; improve your focus and help you get a deeper, more restful sleep.

write down your goals

Although we don’t really advocate the New Years resolution as such.  We do think it is a good idea to write down your goals for the year.  Take a step back and spend some time looking at the bigger picture.  Not just work goals, but what we like to call happiness goals here in the Noble office.  It is very much about taking your ideas out of your head and putting them onto paper.  Making them tangible by creating a few lists maybe one for home; health and one for work.  With the power of social media, it is really possible to share your goals with others.  Let your friends motivate you further and hold you to account.

stay later

Big projects and deadlines often can stop us from being productive while we procrastinate on the bigger picture, we forget to deliver the daily tasks.  While the dark nights are longer, why not stay in your warm office a little later and finish your day with a list of your tasks for the next day.  Not only will you feel less stressed and more organised, you will make a great impression for your boss and it may help your team to follow suit and stay on track too.

stay healthy

One way to avoid those nasty bugs over winter, especially if you work in an air-conditioned office or travel to work huddled together on a bus or train, is to eat delicious, healthy food.  We all know you are what you eat and if you have over indulged over the holiday period then getting the right vitamins and minerals into your body can only be a good thing!

Three key things that can keep those bugs at bay are:




wash your hands regularly

We tell our children all the time to wash our hands but how often do we go from typing on our grubby keyboard to eating our lunch without even thinking to wash our hands! It can be even worse if you work in a factory or school. So remember, before you eat always go and wash your hands properly and thoroughly. Better still, keep a little bottle of hand gel in your bag if you decide to eat on the go!




eat health boosting foods

Make sure your snacks stay healthy during the winter, swap chocolate for nuts and add fruit like bananas and citrus fruits to keep your energy levels up! Add Chia Seeds to your salad and swap that beef for turkey. The tryptophan contained in turkey increases your serotonin levels positively.





Not drinking your daily dose of H2O could be making you depressed – fact!

Dehydration can also cause brain fog meaning you are unable to concentrate for long periods of time like your 8 hours at work so, keep drinking the clear stuff!

be social

Avoid eating at your desk alone.  Socialise with your colleagues either in your work cafeteria or out to lunch.  Being social helps break the cycle of isolation at work and connects you in new ways with your colleagues.  Sometimes the best friends are those made at work and we all know friends are our lifeline to happiness!

work hard, play harder

I defy anyone who says they do not like to go on holiday!  If you tend to lose steam during the winter months, this could be the time to plan your next trip.  Just the process of planning an exciting getaway with loved ones can spike your mood and keep you motivated at work!

learn to fail

If there is any better example than this then please shout!

Do you remember Virgin Cola?  Richard Branson set out to take on Coca Cola and ultimately failed on all levels.  Ultimately, the ongoing success for Richard Branson and his Virgin Brand has been learning to progress and develop their ideas from the mistakes they have made.  So stay positive and keep moving!

spring clean in winter

It seems a bit odd, when you are spending more time indoors, to wait until Spring to tidy up.  Take advantage of this time when you prefer to be inside to go through your hard copy files and computer files and shred or delete anything that is no longer useful to you.  You will feel less overwhelmed and will feel a bit lighter when you go through this process.  Try it at home too!

Why use a recruitment agency for your next job?

Your career potential is defined by your soft skills, such as communication and resourcefulness.  Career transitions and changes can be intimidating, and your CV will rarely give a potential employer the full picture of your strengths and passions. 

If you are ready to take on a new challenge this year, talk to an expert who can extrapolate your top skills set; previous experience and your personality to successfully match it to a new role to give you job satisfaction and career progression!

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