Is FEAR holding your back?

By holding onto your fears, refusing to step out of your comfort zone, you make no impact in peoples lives.  Life is too short to live in fear.

As we get older, fear gets bigger and it can stagnate us with our brain becoming hardwired to stay comfortable.


As the saying goes

“A change is as good as a rest”!

When we change things that are outside of our comfort zone, we begin to hardwire into our brain change, adaptability, creativity, growth, perspective and, most importantly, HAPPINESS.

We are stretching the boundaries of our brain’s capabilities and forcing it to rewire to make that action or activity feel safe.

For example, an entrepreneur didn’t make it where they are today without pushing past their comfort zone and taking risks to force their mind to grow to that of a ‘top performer’.

So what is the first step to conquering your fears.  Firstly, you need to jot down what your fears are.  Here are some examples we have found when talking to our pool of candidates:


  1. I’m not educated enough for that role
  2. Work isn’t supposed to be enjoyable – work is work
  3. Better safe than sorry
  4. I’m not ready
  5. I’m not good enough
  6. I can’t do it
  7. I’ve already tried that, it didn’t work
  8. I’m too young / old to be considered

“Becoming fearless isn’t the point.  That’s impossible.  It’s learning how to control your fear, and how to SWIM FREE from it”.


1. Spend some time with your fear

By exploring what is stopping you from progressing or changing your career, you are allowing your mind to focus on what is a valid fear and which are irrational thoughts.

Try out our little exercise below ‘If this, then that…. and then what?’

2. Prioritise

Contrary to popular opinion ‘size matters’ – to your brain all your fears, big or small, are treated equally.  The key to you addressing your fears is to bring them all to light being specific as possible and in order of importance so you can identify your biggest fear which is holding you back and is disrupting your life. 

3. Repeat

Time is on your side.  There will always be a new fear or challenge awaiting us.  The key is to have systems like this in place to address those challenges properly rather than allowing ourselves to succumb to fear and derail our lives from their fullest potential.

4. Reframe and reinforce

Start small, you are trying to address your fears head on however, you must make sure you reinforce the experience in a positive perspective.  Whether it is speaking up in a meeting or joining a new group outside of work, the first time might honestly feel like a train wreck, but getting through that first time allows you to look back on the situation and push pass your fear and get closer to accomplishing your goal.

5. Stick with it - consistency is KING

Fear builds up slowly and tackling your fears can be challenging.  If your fear is changing job, then this isn’t going to go away overnight.  Talk to your family, colleagues and even your direct boss if you are unhappy at work.  Just by talking it can take away any irrational thoughts.  Be consistent there is no quick fix, it may take some time and avoid setting a time limit.

6. Show yourself some support

Meditation, Yoga, exercise isn’t for everyone.  However, what you will find in those people who regularly spend time on themselves whether it is walking the dog, swimming or taking part in a group activity, they have a better ability to focus and connect in a deeper and more meaningful way to their own beliefs.  This allows them to be uplifting and empowering when required propelling them towards conquering their goals.

Try our little exercise called If this, then that….and then what!

Grab a piece of paper and write down some open-ended questions about your current career:


What if the job I really want to do doesn’t pay enough?


Work out a budget.  For example, if your new job earns 10% less than you currently make, what would you be willing to cut from your expenses to make it work?  Remember to consider the bigger picture:

  • Career progression – you may be promoted if you are happier in your role
  • Work from home opportunities so less travel expenses
  • Small changes in spending can really add up. Stop buying coffee and buy a nice flask instead and make your posh coffee at home!  This can save you up to £5 a day and over £1,000 a year.


I’ll focus on doing well in my new job, cut down on unnecessary expense and have a better work-life-balance.

There are many good books that rewire your brain to combat our own fears, here are a few of our favourites from the team in the office:


Silence The Voice Of Self-doubt To Unleash Your Creativity And Do Your Best Work by Denise Jacobs

A fantastic book which not only gives you the tools to face your fears at work it helps you guide your inner thoughts in the right direction to help in all areas of your life!


Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level by Gay Hendricks

Quite a wordy read but really worth sticking with if you are hoping to boost your own personal success in love, money and creative contribution!


How to Use the Neuroscience of Fear to End Anxiety, Panic and Worry by Catherine M Pittman and Elizabeth M Karle

Based on cutting-edge neuroscience and research, this book offers a unique, evidence-based solution to overcoming anxiety and start living with courage and vitality.


Finding the Courage to Face Your Fears, Overcome Adversity, and Create a Life You Love by Ruth Soukup

A favourite with the ladies in the office.  The book combines very practical tools with equal parts inspiration and some tough love.  Take charge and do it scared!

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