Despite our Temporary Candidates being praised time and time again, many of our new clients still shy away from dipping into our pool of temporary talent!


If you haven’t considered hiring a temporary candidate before, we can give your 5 brilliant reasons why our pool of temporary candidates are perfect to fill a gap in your business today!


One of the common myths about temps who work on a local basis are that they are only used to fulfil junior roles in manufacturing; packaging or a factory environment. 

Our existing clients know that we can deliver temporary candidates with all round experience.  Over 30% of our temps in our talent pool have commercial experience and are looking for an office-based role maybe in sales, reception/secretarial or administration.  They bring a wealth of experience and have the confidence to slot into the environment immediately.  In many instances, temporary workers can bring a new set of eyes to a business – offering employers the chance to reassess processes or introduce a new approach.

Many of our candidates sit within the Millennial Generation – born 1980 – 1995 and have unique, defining traits.  These candidates are known to be better educated but want more flexibility to their career.  They may still be living with parents to clear their student loans and generally put a higher value on moving around to ensure they are always learning new skills.

Lead to meaningful hires

Finding employees that are the right fit for your workplace can sometimes be challenging.  When you are paying a fee to find the right employee it makes sense to recognise the benefits of hiring temporary staff as a way of establishing whether the individual could be a good, permanent addition to a team.

If you then decide to move this temporary candidate to permanent the recruitment fee still stands but you haven’t paid for a colleague who hasn’t worked out.  We also see our clients benefit from short-term employees during the recruitment process ensuring you give yourselves time to find the right hire.


Perhaps one of the key reasons why employers choose to hire temporary staff is because it can offer unrivalled flexibility.  

Most local companies see fluctuations in their workforce on an adhoc basis like the run up to busy periods especially in seasonal businesses - and we support many of our packaging and distribution clients like Fedex during these times.

But sometimes staffing requirements are unexpected and urgent. Whether it’s due to an increase in business or the unexpected departure of an employee, it’s simply unavoidable that you need new people in your Company and quickly.

Our Temporary Division believe our pool of screened, talented temporary workers really are the solution.  We can assign a temporary employee to your company at short notice both for Commercial office-based roles through to filling the gap in your warehouse or distribution business.

Boost morale

While the divide between permanent and temporary staff can be difficult, the addition of short-term employees can help the overall workplace mood. 

Again, many employers worry that temporary workers will not be as engaged as permanent members of staff – but we know this to be untrue.  We also manage the temporary employers for you on a daily and weekly basis.  If your new temporary team are not fulfilling your expectations – don’t worry! It is our job to hand hold your temporary workers to ensure they turn up; are presentable and hit the ground running whether they are answering the telephone on the reception or driving the forklift – we treat every candidate and every client the same.

UK Ipsos MORI Research also shows that using temporary workers helps to re-engage current, permanent employees. If workloads have been rising, then temporary workers can offer much needed support assisting the teams to do their job to the best of their ability.

Trial a new opportunity

One of the lesser-known benefits of using temporary staff within your Company is that it can allow you to trial a new way of working; trial a growth strategy all without the added stress of committing to hiring a completely new team.  Temporary workers could be the solution, allowing you to assess consumer demand and impact on your bottom line.

All in all, whether you are looking to fill a gap short-term in your office after an unexpected resignation or support a seasonal increase in production or any other scenario, temporary workers bring a wealth of experience, flexibility and can improve the overall productivity of your business.


Noble Recruiting are based in Wickford, Essex and have been matching candidates with clients for over 10 years.  Specifically, our team of experienced Recruitment Consultants fill permanent and temporary placements in Accounting & Finance; Commercial & Office; Industrial; Sales & Marketing; Construction and IT.

Looking for a new Job? Use our Online Job Search to start the process and then let us know you are actively looking.  We will then conduct a face to face interview to establish what your key strengths are and how we can match your needs and skills with the right job even if it is on a temporary basis.  Remember, we don’t just supply CVs to clients we hand hold candidates through the complicated process of finding work across Essex!

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